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Do not hate because hate makes you bitter and you will suffer

Hey I'm sian I'm 17 and I like all things geeky, my guitar and uke and the people around me

p.s. I have elf ears so if your naughty this year and don't follow me i'll tell santa ;) jks... but not about the ears they really are pointy.


collage development for altered books exhibition. 

from my art blog. slug x


It’s been exactly two years since I started making collages. These are my most popular works, according to my statistics, places 1-10. Click images for larger versions. For 11-20, click here.

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                                     Don’t you forget about me

Don’t worry… we haven’t <3


My life is complete. 😍😍

i want theseeeeee so bad.

According to the daily mail.

According to the daily mail.